consultancyAs a Consultancy, GDDC also offers Gender and Disability Mainstreaming baseline surveys, situational analysis and policy planning actions to interested State/Government and Private Institutions. The evaluation framework employed by GDDC team of experts is drawn from a comprehensive and empirical evaluation framework of sex disaggregated data and disability audits obtained from Government and Private Firms who seek to achieve radical transformations in Gender and Disability Mainstreaming within programs and among their workforce.

Areas of specialization include;

•    Disability Accessibility Audits
•    Gender and Disability Mainstreaming  and Policy Development
•    Gender and Disability Leadership and Governance Audit
•    Gender and Disability Monitoring and Reporting Frameworks
•    Gender Mainstreaming in Disability Policies
•    Gender and Disability the Audit of Electoral Process
•    Research and Situational Analysis and Recommendation
•    Baseline Surveys
•    Gender Analysis of Development Projects