Membership Benefits

benefitsBy being a member of GDDC, you enjoy the following:

  1. Free interaction with GDDC professional fraternity through our open forums and Monthly
  2. Free connection to Gender and Disability experts drawing from our broad network base of
    researchers, local and international universities, fellows and students regionally and
  3. Free information on local or international upcoming seminars, college offerings,
    fellowships, scholarships for members interested in Gender and Disability courses.
  4. Free access to GDDC member’s directory.
  5. Information on job vacancies and placements of qualified Persons with Disabilities
  6. Membership certificate and Identification that certifies members as Gender and Disability
    professionals across all sectors.
  7. Free participation in our bi annual Persons With Disability Festival “Sote Pamoja”, set aside
    to help person’s with Disability access micro-finance, education as we raise awareness on
    Disability mainstreaming in Kenya.
  8. Participation in the “African Girl” set aside to address Female Genital Mutilation (FGM),
    Rape as a tool of violence in Eastern and Sub-Saharan Africa.
  9. Free subscription to Publications, research and newsletters informing
    institutions/individuals on the progress of Gender or Disability mainstreaming not only in
    Kenya but regionally and internationally.
  10. Access to Gender and Disability mainstreaming portal for members to discuss issues and
    share experiences online.
  11. Free access to our resource centre, journals, Gender and disability mainstreaming for those
    interested in Gender analysis and Disability research and development.
  12. Use of membership credentials example GDDC for full members
  13. Membership certificate and identification for state corporations, private and public
    institutions as Gender and Disability Responsive environments.
  14. Free facilitation in the interpretation of sex disaggregated for member state institutions that
    desire to track gender and disability mainstreaming actions in the institution.
  15. State, public and private corporations are eligible to a 10% discount in the identification
    and setting of sector specific Gender targets and indicators for the adoption of a Gender and
    Disability policy document
  16. Discounted fee for identification of institutional gender needs,gaps,priorities for various
    sectors Example Educational institutions, Agriculture, Energy, Tourism and horticultural
    Tourism that seek to adopt a Gender mainstreaming policy.
  17. Gender and Disability in-house trainings at a discounted fee for every individual nominated
    to participate in in-house trainings facilitated by GDDC.
  18. Discounted fees for Gender analysis of development planning at the county and national
  19. Customization of Gender and disability in-house training tailored to equip employees of
    various institutions, Gender committee members and/or relevant nominated participants
    on how to conduct Gender and Disability Monitoring and Evaluations as guided by best
  20. Free advice on the integration of disability policy action plans into the institutions’
    recruitment and HR manual.
  21. Participation during our annual Gender and Disability mainstreaming awards where we
    award and recognize the best performers in mainstreaming Gender and Disability locally
    and regionally. This award will also recognize member institutions that equally enable the
    equitable and fair treatment of men, women and Persons with Disabilities (PWD’s) within
    the workforce.
  22. Partnerships together with member organizations to create awareness on Gender Based
    Violence and the need to help victims deal with the stigma