Policy Development

policy_developmentGDDC understands that state/Government and the private institutions are constantly facing challenges in formulating and implementing Disability mainstreaming policies in all levels of the institutions.

Disability mainstreaming as laid down in the Public Service Commission of Kenya, Code of Practice on Disability Mainstreaming and the Guidelines of the National Council for Persons with Disability clearly outlines that institutions should advocate and facilitate for the respect, equal opportunity,non-discrimination, accessibility, effective participation and inclusion for Person’s With Disability in the work environment.

One of the cornerstones of GDCC services is our performance based disability accessibility Audit Surveys and Mainstreaming strategies that guide institutions on how to:

  • Derive mechanisms for priority employment and promotion of Person’s with Disability (PWD’s) and job promotions that match their abilities,knowledge and skills
  • Incorporate and mainstream Disability related issues by institutionalizing a strategy for disability mainstreaming as part of the overall Human Resource Policy.
  • Mainstream disability as part of its corporate social Responsibility to enhance PWD’s Economic and Social Empowerment.
  • Determine the qualifications or disqualifications of PWDS in a manner that will not discriminate them
  • Carry out accessibility audits to ensure that accessibility requirement are created and maintained.
  • Communicate the strategy for mainstreaming Disability to its stakeholders and staff through dialogue on disability mainstreaming strides and challenges

Areas of Expertise:

  • Accessibility Audit
  • Disability Representation in  Leadership
  • Employee retention of Persons with Disability (PWD’s)
  • Job retention for persons who have acquired disability in the line of duty
  • Disability Mainstreaming Legal Framework.
  • Recruitment and Promotion
  • Orientation and Induction of PWD’s
  • Analysis of the different kinds/Types of Disability and exactly how to mainstream the work environment to suit the abilities of PWD’s.