Training / Workshops

In-House Training and Facilitation
trainingOne of the more popular vehicles for accessing the centre’s educational offerings in regard to Gender and Disability Mainstreaming institutional planning, is through our on-site training and management facilitations. Bringing an on-site training workshop in the workplace allows for participatory assessment of the Institution achievements and challenges in Gender and Mainstreaming. GDDC thus uses the information and data collected in customizing a training module that addresses your exact challenges in Gender and Disability Mainstreaming.

This particular sensitization approach provides a more interactive, capacity building and personal learning experience for employees. Whether you require training for our department or for an organization-wide initiative, the advanced learning and training methodologies employed by GDDC will create an intimate training atmosphere that maximizes knowledge transfer to enhance Gender and Disability Awareness in the Organization.

We do realize that Gender and Disability Mainstreaming Actions are sensitive and cannot wholly be addressed by applying an “off-the-shelf solution”. While many organizations will offer you some variation of their standard training, GDDC subject matter experts will work with you and your team as an education Communication strategy  focused to address specific Gender and disability  mainstreaming Institutional challenges.

From experience, the identification of real life examples will create a more long lasting experience due to the learning atmosphere that resonates with participants while at the sometime providing immediate return on your training investment. We assure you that our training methodology employs actual scenarios from your organization and in so doing GDDC instructors and experts in the field effectively align a curriculum for each session to suit your specific challenges and challenges. The centre has the capacity to deliver training courses to groups of up to 300 participants per day.

Our Conferences / Seminars / Workshops
training2GDDC has successfully organized various Gender Mainstreaming Conferences (GEDICON) and Seminars as an initiative to mainstream Gender and Disability in Governments’ Ministries, State Corporations/Departments and Private Sector employers.

GDDC uses these training workshops to address the obligatory Government Policies Standards and regulatory Frameworks, International policies/treaties guide and how organizations can develop internal mainstreaming within their working structure. This is a major event in the GDDC calendar with over 300 delegates in attendance.

In today’s society Administrative Professionals must be Gender and Disability Conscious and Aware of legislations and Action plans in order to ensure that discrimination on the basis of Gender o Disability is eliminated in the work place. GDDC organizes and co-ordinate comprehensive, scholarly and interactive seminars  on Gender and Disability mainstreaming with renowned experts and Scholars of the field offering technical expertise to stakeholders and delegates attending the seminars and conferences. The centre has in the past organized conferences that equip institutions on:
•    Gender and Disability Monitoring And Reporting Framework
•    Gender and Disability Mainstreaming Budget Development.
•    Disability Accessibility Audits
•    Gender and Disability Mainstreaming  and Policy Development
•    Gender and Disability Leadership and Governance Audit
•    Gender and Disability Monitoring and Reporting Frameworks
•    Gender Mainstreaming in Disability Policies
•    Research and Situational Analysis and Recommendation
•    Gender Analysis of  County Funds and Development Projects