2018 The Gender and Ability Awards


The Gender and Ability Awards

Held on 7th December 2018

The Hilton, Nairobi


Since the Year 2012, Diversity and Inclusion Ceremony and Awards, have emerged to be the sole reference point of best practices for mainstreaming gender and disability in development practices in Kenya. The Awards have been Africa’s case study, emulated and perfected by countries such as South Africa, Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda and this year Rwanda. It has been proven as the best Linkage Practice to be adopted by governments in ensuring that best mainstreaming practices are rewarded and that other institutions and nations find opportunity to network, share information and indeed follow up to improve on their equality, diversity and inclusion programs.

The Centre has in the past three years expanded the Awards participation spectrum from only rewarding National Government Ministries and Agencies to County Governments, and now private institutions that are ahead of the curve in ensuring that there is equal opportunities for men, women and persons with disabilities and these opportunities are indeed benefiting all Kenyans as envisaged by the Constitution. Some of the past award winners include: Kenyatta University (in both gender and disability mainstreaming categories); Kenyatta International Convention Centre-KICC( Accessibility at the work place); National Hospital Insurance Fund (Gender Mainstreaming, and social responsibility; Kenya Airports Authority (GBV and Sexual Harassments Management best practice); Kiambu County, Kenya Re- Insurance Corporation Ltd (Best CSR- Niko Fiti Initiative),  Kisii County, Safaricom Limited among other agencies.

The awards nomination is a rigorous process, it starts from establishing institutions laid down strategies, and their roadmap in ensuring equality, equity and inclusion in planned projects, programs and policies, the team further establishes the implementation of these planned actions, consistency and the zeal of the Management in ensuring that planned actions and interventions are being implemented within the set timelines. These awards complement the rationale of the performance contracting diversity and Inclusion indicator by appreciating government institutions that have gone an extra mile in addressing inequality and non-discrimination with proven track record that their annual mainstreaming work plans are demonstrating results.

The Centre understands that the private sector contributes to over 70% of the country GDP, the sector has the obligation to ensure that not only supports and abide to the Constitution of Kenya but that it has within its policies framework an indicator that addresses the welfare of men and women on equality terms. Like Safaricom Limited, EPZA and others, privately owned institutions are supposed to accommodate Persons with Disabilities within their work places and move away from the norm to supporting them through charity, and donations, the sector has now began engaging them in decorum by involving them in decisions about them. We are extending this year awards to the private sector to allow them participate in large numbers and network with other institutions, plan for benchmarking missions and engage with stakeholders like National Council for Persons with Disabilities, Gender and Equality Commission and Disabled Peoples Organizations like APDK, UDPK and other Civil Society Organization that will ensure that our GDP growth is inclusive.

The Centre welcomes all to support and attend the awards gala night.


This important event aims to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • To showcase Kenya’s successful Diversity and Inclusion Champions in all sectors of development;
  • To promote and highlight the role of Social Inclusion in economic, Social and Political development of the Country;
  • To present case studies and research findings for Diversity and Inclusion;
  • To bring together governments, development institutions, investors, academics and private sector institutions in Celebrating the Equality and Inclusion Indicator
  • To bring the Equality and Inclusions Policy Developers, Enforcers and Implementers together “under one roof”


The 2018 Kenya’s Diversity and Inclusion Awards ceremony aims to recognize the success and vitality of the Country in Ensuring that there are equal opportunities to all, men and women of Kenya are being empowered and accessing wealth creation opportunities without discrimination. This unique annual awards program has been established specifically to acknowledge, encourage and celebrate excellence amongst Kenyan institutions and individuals by giving them the opportunity to gain invaluable exposure, well-deserved recognition for their national and global equality and inclusion interventions. The Awards are the highest honors that can be bestowed to a Ministry, Government Agency, State Corporation, The Corporate, and Business Owners/Leaders in the Country. The main goal of the Award program is therefore, to appreciate key players in the social sector that have created a level play field for the vulnerable in society to grow and prosper, and to award them, market them, their products and services in the Country and beyond.

The organisers of this important initiative greatly acknowledge and salute your organisation’s support and contribution to promoting diversity, equity and equality at workplace and to the society and would be very honoured if you could consider sponsoring the event. The event attracts service providers, investors, entrepreneurs and high profile speakers and participants from Government, private sector institutions, small and medium enterprise support agencies, and other development institutions throughout the country.


Platinum Sponsor (Package Prestige) – Ksh. 475,000

  1. Table allocation to ten staff
  2. A full Page in the Equality and Inclusion Souvenir Magazine
  3. A two-hour FREE sensitization to your organization on gender and disability mainstreaming prior to the award
  4. Free Baseline survey for your organization prior to the awards
  5. Title allotted trophy with your organization name to one of the winners and presented by your organization executive
  6. Media highlights recognition as partner champion for the mainstreaming exercise
  7. Free mounting of your corporate banner
  8. 8 minutes talk time to the guests in the gala


Gold Sponsor-Kshs. 300,000

  1. Table allocation to five of your staff members
  2. A Half page in the Equality and Inclusion Awards Souvenir Magazine
  3. Free Baseline survey for your organization prior to the awards
  4. Title allotted trophy with your organization name to one of the winners and presented by your organization senior staff representative.


Silver Sponsor- Kshs. 200,000

  1. Table allocation to three of your staff members
  2. A Half page in the Equality and Inclusion Awards Souvenir Magazine
  3. Title allotted trophy with your organization name to one of the winners and presented by your organization senior staff representative.

This sponsorship opportunity is to be closed on 15th November 2018 at 16:30 Hrs. Kindly contact our office for additional information needed to sponsor this noble exercise. The sponsoring institution will not only be the champions for the success of this awards but will also be participating in a noble responsibility of advocating for the rights of the minority, they will serve as basic and relevant government and private institutions participating in the equality and inclusion awards fundamental role of nurturing an all inclusive leadership and governance Kenya. These institutions will be given chance to pride of their initiatives and achievements related to mainstreaming both gender and disability in their daily works during the awards ceremony, example like recognition of their respective outstanding employee Persons with Disabilities can be mentioned.